Our product development provides innovation consultancy and new product development services. Our design-engineering team develops innovative, ergonomically friendly and economical products from scratch until production.

Atoom design is a daughter company of Triple-c limited

Our client base are small companies , solo inventors but also multinationals such as Philips, Porsche  , SC Johnson to name a few. We have a good sense of humor so recently we also working with Australian companies such as SUN FX sprayers and design companies located at the other part of the equator.

With our offices in the Netherlands and Shanghai in China we are ready to innovate and design for the new emerging markets.

We also work regularly  in another emerging countries ( such as  Vietnam, Saigon,)

Why should you choose for us?  We can not only make fancy, new designs, we also make them functioning by creating a working prototype . After refinements of the new product we manage the realization of manufacturing these en masse. (Manufacturing management).

We are in the center of the factory of the world! We have 20 years of experience working with Chinese and Chinese manufacturers . This means a wealth of experience in the Chinese mass manufacturing and assembly world and prevents communications flaws and searching for a needle in the haystack for the right supplier.


About you

We could make this chapter about us, but if you have a genius idea it is more about you.

Are you an inventor, a product manager, a marketing manager or an industrial design engineer? But you think design engineering costs in the western world are too high and you wish to be inspired by an enthusiastic team? than come work with us!

We have Dutch and Chinese industrial designers who can quickly design and engineer your ideas into reality! We speak your language and we charge an attractive fee...


Industrial design services

We provide innovation consultancy , based on our experience working within Philips (Norelco) and  cooperating with small and large enterprises and the "University of Delft method" . This means searching for new innovations to be applied in your companies product-portfolio.

Furthermore we provide industrial design, hand-sketching and ideation services.

fresh ideas daily!, such as our ideas and patent for Philishave ( Norelco) click here for more

Product engineering and 3D CAD (either Solidworks or UG) is one of our core competences. We have engineered difficult products such as electrical shavers, vacuum cleaners, cleaning systems with spray pumps, alarms and baby-seats.

Design engineering for plastic injection, metal and aluminum products is what we do daily. Reverse engineering assignments. are welcome as well. Send us your product and we redesign it or recover it!

An example of design engineering in CAD and a first prototype before manufacturing

It is very important to have rapid prototypes in an early phase of the development process and therefore we have started a close cooperation with Chinese Rapid Prototype center. We also deliver fully working prototypes with PCB's LED's and other mechanisms

You are always welcome to visit our industrial design company or one of our consultants. Emailing or Skype and chats are also welcome!


Happy NEW YEAR! hereunder you see our new prototype ( we made 3d cad drawings and the complete prototype) based on the ideas and patents of Bagolf innovation team.