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Welcome at atoom design toy website!

As industrial dutch designers we are produce to announce a new Toy brand Lucotoys.

Lucotoys-wooden construction sets.

Luco toys is a new toy concept. Our toys are made of wood , rubber wood to be exactly. Rubber wood is eco-friendly as the wooden trees wont deliver any rubber any more , and will be replanted. Old rubber wooden trees will be used for our wooden toys.  Rubberwood or parawood is the product of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis), which is grown as a source for natural rubber.

Luco stimulates you kids' fine motoris skills, lateral thinking and fantasy and creativity play. these wooden toy blocks are packed in a sturdy cardboard box.
each box consist of 65 bricks planks and So called H blocks. Luco is a bit different than other wooden toy sets becuase our blocks fit into each other. 
It gives playing with Luco so many advantages compared to Kapla Bblock or other planks. 

See here how it works-->

educational wooden toy blocks