we are proud to introduce a new wooden toy brand : lucotoys

A new wooden toy brand

Luco wooden connecting brick or wood building blocks for kids sets are designed to be a construction toy that can easily be integrated into a range of lessons across the EYFS and are loved by both boys and girls.

With the governments initiative to grow the number of women working in engineering, these bricks being gender neutral, will not only encourage a natural way for children to learn about science and early engineering skills but will also be great fun.

see our a funny movie rocket made with lucotoys

WOODEN TOYS ARE DURABLE Wooden toys will last for years and are produced in a sustainable way. With our nice piece of wooden toys you give a tree a 2nd life. A good example is the rubber tree: when the rubber tree is about 15 years old, it stops producing rubber. The rubber trees were previously burned but today they find a new life as a base for hours of fun. Our brand Luco toys is good example of durable wooden toys are toys . This Dutch design brand was founded with the aim of promoting wooden toys and creativity in stead of watching TV 


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